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AI Law and Policy Diploma Course

The Centre for Communication Governance (CCG) at the National Law University (NLU) Delhi is launching an eight-month online diploma course on Artificial Intelligence Law and Policy.

The course will start in October 2022 and run until the end of May 2023. The live online sessions will take place regularly over the weekends.

Curated by CCG and NLU experts, the course explores legal, public policy, socio-political, and economic aspects of artificial intelligence. The CCG invites lawyers, policy professionals, scholars, and graduates from various disciplines, as well as corporate, government, civil society, and media practitioners, to participate.

The course’s five modules – I. Introduction, II. AI and the Law, III. Governance of AI, IV. AI governance in India, V. Future of AI – will cover the following:

  • implications of AI on individuals and society
  • emerging uses of AI and corresponding opportunities and challenges
  • domestic and international approaches to AI governance
  • ethics in AI
  • data protection principles and their application to AI systems
  • AI discrimination and bias

Apart from the live online sessions, the course offers pre-recorded lectures, asynchronous mentoring, and self-study materials: e-learning, readings, and assignments.

Join the course! Registration is open until October 20, 2022, 11:59 PM IST.

You can learn more about this CCG’s initiative here.