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All Party Parliamentary Group on Extraordinary Rendition v. Ministry of Defense

The U.K. Administrative Appeals Chamber held that information concerning detention and interrogation policies is of significant public interest and should be disclosed; the public interest in access to diplomatic assurances that detainees would not be tortured outweighs any harm that might flow from disclosure; information concerning the Special Forces and legally privileged communications are exempt; and the personal data exemption is not implicated in a request for non-identifying statistical details.

Foundation for the Support of Technical Schools v. Renato Barroso Bernabe

The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil approved cuts to the salaries of civil servants for the days they were on strike. The civil servants worked at the Foundation for the Support of Technical Schools (FAETEC), a public institution tied to the Rio de Janeiro State Department of Science and Technology. The civil servants filed an application for a court injunction against FAETEC to refrain from applying the cuts to their wages. The Supreme Federal Court of Brazil upheld the deductions and reasoned that cuts on salaries were justified due, in part, to the nature of the role performed by civil servants whose duties are often essential to the functioning of society.

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