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Job Posting: Postdoc Humor and Free Speech Regulation

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The University of Groningen in the Netherlands is offering a 36-month postdoc position (full time, 1.0 FTE) within the project ‘Forensic Humor Analysis: Rethinking Offensive Humor and Its Legal Regulation’, funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) with a five-year Vidi grant (Principal Investigator: Dr Alberto Godioli, University of Groningen). The appointed candidate will have a strong interest in interdisciplinary legal research, and an expertise in free speech regulation (with particular regard to the European context).

The project (henceforth ForHum) aims to establish forensic humor analysis as a new line of interdisciplinary research, using insights from humanities-based humor research in order to tackle the interpretive issues faced by national and international courts when regulating offensive humor. In addition to the Principal Investigator, the ForHum team will feature a Postdoc with a legal background (36 months, 2022-2025) and a PhD in humor studies (48 months, 2023-2027). The Postdoc will play a major role in the first sub-project, focusing on the software-assisted analysis of humor-related legal cases from the European Court of Human Rights as well as national courts in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and France. This sub-project will be conducted jointly by the Postdoc and the Principal Investigator. ForHum also features a substantial knowledge utilization component, including public outreach activities and a close dialogue with societal stakeholders (e.g. free speech associations and judicial bodies).

Deadline: Thursday 4 November 11:59 pm / Friday 5 November 2021 Dutch local time (CET)

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Alberto Godioli

Senior Lecturer in European Literature and Culture at the University of Groningen
Programme Director of the Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies