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Special Collection on the Case Law on Freedom of Expression: Inter-American System of Human Rights


This publication aims to provide an overview of the case law on freedom of expression in the Inter-American System of Human Rights by creating an access tool for anyone interested in consulting the case law. In this paper, the reader will be able to find a general introduction of the structure of the regional system and a systematized description of all the decisions to date of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding freedom of expression, as well as the most relevant cases decided by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights that did not reach the Court. This paper provides a topical classification of the Inter-American case law on freedom of expression, highlighting the main issues being discussed in the region. The complete analysis of the systematized cases can be found in the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression database in English, accessible directly through this publication. We hope that the collection provides judges, lawyers, academics, civil society, and all key actors with a useful tool for the defense of freedom of expression around the world.

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