Global Freedom of Expression

Special Collection on the Case Law on Freedom of Expression: African System of Human and Peoples´ Rights


The current publication provides an overview of the valuable case law developed in the African System of Human and Peoples’ Rights regarding freedom of expression. The paper commences with a brief explanation of the African System of Human and Peoples’ Rights and a concise reference to how the AfCHPR and the ACHPR engage with other decisions of national and International Courts. Finally, the document encompasses both the case law of the African Commission and the African Court of Human and Peoples’ Rights. The summary of the decisions are classified under different themes within freedom of expression to make consultations friendly to all the public. The complete analysis of each case can be found at the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression database in English. The main purpose of the publication is to serve as a tool for everyone working for the defense of freedom of expression by facilitating the access to the cases of the African System of Human and Peoples’ Rights that foster the debate around this fundamental right in the region. We invite readers to use this paper as a tool to access the database and benefit from the analysis therein.