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IBAHRI Report: Advice on Promoting More Effective Investigations into Abuses Against Journalists

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    Press Freedom, Violence Against Speakers / Impunity

This report was first published by the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute. It is reproduced here with permission and thanks.

The Panel is considering a model for an international investigative team that can be deployed to gather evidence and report on abuses of media freedom where the territorial state is unwilling or unable to do so effectively. This report takes into account the views of UN Special Rapporteurs, the Council of Europe and other regional and international institutions, and includes an assessment of current proposals relating to international bodies to investigate human rights abuses including, but not limited to, violations of media freedom.

This report recommends that signatories to the Global Pledge on Media Freedom and other key governments adopt a three-pronged strategy to strengthen investigations into attacks on journalists through:

(1) Setting up a standing international Investigative Task Force – made up of vetted and trained investigators, forensic experts and legal specialists – that can quickly deploy to crime scenes and/or support national investigators and prosecutors as needed.

(2) Supporting non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working to collect evidence related to crimes against journalists and strengthening their capacity to transfer this evidence to UN mechanisms and courts with jurisdiction over the relevant crimes.

(3) Strengthening the UN’s capacity to hold the worst violators of journalists’ right accountable.
Read the full report below or find it here.