Global Freedom of Expression

Catalina Botero: The Inter-American Human Rights Protection System

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    Latin-America and Caribbean
Below are the key issues discussed in Catalina Botero’s presentation for the annual Justice for Free Expression Conference. Download the full pdf version below.
  1. The Courts Golden Age (2001-2008)
  2. Decline in the Courts Decisions
  3. Inter-American Court of Human Rights Cases on Freedom of Expression of 2015
  4. Cases Published by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights in 2015
  5. Some Trends and Emblematic Cases in the Region from 2015 on Criminal Defamation and on Freedom of Expression on the Internet
  6. Internet: Jurisdiction, Responsibility of Intermediaries and the Right to be Forgotten in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil in 2015


Catalina Botero Marino

Director of the UNESCO Chair on Freedom of Expression at the Universidad de Los Andes
Co-chair of the Oversight Board of Facebook and Instagram