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Justice for Free Expression in 2014: Day 2

Session 1: Litigation Developments in 2014: The Europe and Central Asia Experience


Elazar Barkan, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Director of the Human Rights Concentration at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs and the Director of the Institute for the Study of Human Rights


Yaman Akdeniz, Professor of Law, Human Rights Law Research Center, Faculty of Law and the Pro Rector for the Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey (Turkey)
Darian Pavli,  Senior Attorney, Open Society Justice Initiative, USA (Internet judicial development in Western Europe)
Frederic Gras, Attorney at Law at the Bar of PARIS, France (France)
Andrei Richter, Director, Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Professor at the School of Journalism, Moscow State University, Austria (Eastern Europe)
Galina Arapova,  Director and Senior Media Lawyer, Mass Media Defense Centre, Russia (Russia)

Presentation by Darian Pavli: Highlights of Internet‐related jurisprudence in Europe (2014)
Presentation by Frederic Gras: Media Case Law in France 2014
Presentation by Andrei Richter: Legal Attempts to Restrict Propaganda Broadcasts Related to Crisis in and around Ukraine, 2014‐15
Speech by Andrei Richter: Legal Attempts to Restrict Propaganda Broadcasts Related to Crisis in and around Ukraine, 2014–15


Session 2: Litigation Developments in 2014: The Americas Experience


Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte, J.S.D. Candidate, Columbia Law School, Columbia University


Ona Flores, Human Rights Specialist and Senior Attorney, Office of the OAS Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, USA (Regional overview)
Agustina Del Campo, Researcher and Consultant, International Rights and Human Rights, Argentina (Argentina)
Tais Gasparian, Media Lawyer, Brazil (Brazil)
Paul Schabas, Senior Litigation Partner at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, USA (Canada)

Paper by Tais Gasparian: Brazilian 2014 Court Decisions
Presentation by Paul Schabas: Canadian Media Law 2015


Session 3: Litigation Developments in 2014: The Asia Experience


Gayathry Venkiteswaran, Executive Director, Southeast Asian Press Alliance, Thailand


Duncan McCargo, Visiting Professor of Political Science at Columbia University, Professor of Political Science at the University of Leeds, and a Senior Research Affiliate at Columbia’s Weatherhead East Asian Institute (Thailand)
H.R. Dipendra, Chair of Kuala Lumpur State Bar Association, Malaysia (Malaysia)
Karuna Nundy, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, FoE columnist, India (India)
Doreen Weisenhaus, Director of Media Law Project & Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Hong Kong and China)
Kyu Yoom, Jonathan Marshall First Amendment Chair professor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, USA (South Korea)

Paper by Duncan McCargo: Freedom of Expression in Thailand During 2014
Paper by H.R. Dipendra: Legal Developments in Southeast Asia 2014


Session 4: The “right to be forgotten” and other legal developments – Are courts around the world reinventing on‐line regulation?


Sheila Coronel, Director, Toni Stabile Center for Investigative Journalism, Toni Stabile Professor of Professional Practice in Investigative Journalism, Columbia Journalism School, Columbia University, USA


Mishi Choudhary, Technology Lawyer, Legal Director at Software Freedom Law Center, India
Gordon Goldstein, Managing Director – Head of External Affairs, Silver Lake, USA
Charles Glasser, Media Consultant
Dunja Mijatovic, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Austria
Bertrand de la Chapelle, Co-founder and Director, Internet & Jurisdiction Project, France

Paper by Charles Glasser: Outline of observations and supporting material with regard to the “Right To Be Forgotten”