Global Freedom of Expression

Academic Institutions

Centre for Communication Governance

The Centre for Communication Governance (CCG) is a part of National Law University, Delhi and is based on the university’s campus in Dwarka. CCG provides research and resources to the Indian educational establishment so that laws and policy can keep pace with technological advancement.

Comparative Constitutions Project

The Comparative Constitutions Project collects and analyses constitutions of independent states. Its site provides data, publications, and resource guides on existing constitutions around the world. Its Constitute project offers full-text access to every constitution.  Specific constitutional mandates on individual rights, including the freedom of opinion and expression can be searched and compared by topic or country.

Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma: A Project of Columbia Journalism School

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma seeks to promote informed, innovative and ethical news reporting on violence, conflict, and tragedy. Its website offers articles, reports, expert interviews, and other useful information on journalism. Its “Resources” page contains fact sheets, tips & tools, booklets and DVDs, and blog on journalism and the freedom of media.

Free Speech Debate Project: Dahrendorf Programme for the Study of Freedom, Oxford University

The Free Speech Debate Project with aim of promoting the freedom of expression provides access to various issues on free speech, including worldwide case studies. The site enables search of information by topic and country. Its “Map” provides easy access to country-specific reports and case laws.

Human Rights Library: University of Minnesota

Human Rights Library of the University of Minnesota contains a wealth of primary and secondary sources on various topics of human rights. The site provides access to major international and regional human rights treaties.  Under “Topic Guides,” one can find a collection of documents on various human rights, including the freedom of expression, and freedom of religion or belief.

Legal Information Institute: Cornell University Law School

The Legal Information Institute publishes electronic versions of major materials in various areas, including international law.  Major international and regional human rights instruments can be accessed through the site’s “Legal Encyclopedia.” The “Human Rights” page also provides links to numerous organizations and government entities that monitor and enforce fundamental human rights.

Pangea: University of Puerto Rico School of Law (In Spanish)

Pangea is the International Law Electronic Publication for the University of Puerto Rico School of Law. This student-run online publication is devoted to commentary on contemporary issues in international law and international relations, and features diverse writings on international legal topics by students, leading scholars and practitioners within the international law community.

Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy: Harvard Kennedy School of Government

The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy is a research center of Harvard University with the mission of exploring the interplay of press, politics, and public policy in theory and practice. The Center’s “Research and Publications” provides access to academic papers, reports, case studies, books, and other resources related to press, politics, and the making of public policy.

Tow Center for Digital Journalism: Columbia Journalism School

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism explores and addresses vital issues surrounding journalism, including communication technologies, digital journalism, and related guiding principles. The Center’s “Research” page provides access to relevant research findings both in short research briefs and in full-length academic papers and reports.