Global Freedom of Expression

Sanjana Srikumar

Sanjana Srikumar is a Delhi-based advocate, who is currently a Legal Fellow at Access Now, where she is working on strategic litigation on digital rights. Prior to Access Now, Sanjana worked as a human rights litigator and researcher based in India, focussing on strategic litigation on behalf of people’s movements to advance civil liberties and socio-economic rights. She primarily practiced at the Indian Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court, under the mentorship of Sanjay Parikh, Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court. She was also affiliated with People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Internet Freedom Foundation and Media Legal Defence Initiative.

Sanjana holds a B.A. LL.B. (Hons) from the National Law University, Jodhpur in India and an LL.M. from Columbia University, where she was a scholar at the Center for Public Research & Leadership.