Global Freedom of Expression

Mateusz Wojtanowski

Mateusz Wojtanowski has a PhD in law (2023). He holds master’s degrees in history (2016, cum laude) and administration (2017, summa cum laude). Mateusz received his education at the University of Wrocław, where his research activity is also based.

Mateusz is a contractor in two research projects funded by the Polish National Science Centre: “The freedom of expression of judges as related to their job role” (since 2021) and “Legal Epistemic Authority in Poland. Dynamics and Development 1986-2020” (since 2024). He was also a participant in the scholarship “European and International Business Law&Policy” (2019-2021).

Mateusz’s interest in freedom of expression concerns in particular members of certain professions, especially judges and university teachers.