Global Freedom of Expression

Lydia Cacho

Lydia Cacho is a Mexican award wining journalist; author and Human Rights activist specialized in women and children’s rights.  Her ample knowledge has led her to write nine books, from poetry to fiction, nonfiction investigative reporting and a Manual to prevent child abuse, she has published essays on gender issues and a 2014 investigation on the love life of mature Mexicans. Her international best seller on Sex Trafficking, Human Slavery and Child Pornography have been translated into twelve languages and sell in more than thirty countries around the world. She has received notable recognition for traveling around the world investigating Human Rights violations and organized criminal networks

Cacho has developed specialized tools to confront complex problems and search for real solutions using her grassroots experience as an author, an international reporter of Human Rights and as a well recognized founder of shelters for women and children victims of gender violence including sexual violence and Human Trafficking. Her approach to teaching new skills for Peace Journalism and to confront Human Trafficking and slavery around the world has gained her several awards and international prizes.

Lydia´s knowledge of different Law systems, psychology and pedagogy has led her to develop an effective teaching system using all resources including creative writing, narrative listening, art-therapy, techniques to interview children, and reporting organized crime with group collaboration skills. She has received 40 international Human Rights and journalism awards including the Human Rights Watch, Ginetta Sagan Amnesty Award; OXFAM award; IWMF award; CNN Hero; UNESCO- Guillermo Cano freedom of expression award; The Wallemberg Medal; The Tucholsky Award; PEN Canada Award; and World Press International Hero 2010 for the International Press Institute in Vienna.

She is an international Board member of Article 19; Chime for Change Fund; Oasis Foundation and of the House Citlaltepetl for persecuted writers. She has been a member of the jury of the international human rights film festivals in Mexico.