Global Freedom of Expression

Kunal Chaturvedi

Kunal is a technology and IP attorney who navigates the intersections of innovation, law, and freedom of expression. Licensed to practice in Singapore and India, he is currently pursuing his Masters of Law degree from Columbia University in the City of New York, with plans to take the New York Bar exam in 2024. He earned his Legum Baccalaureus (LL.B.) degree with Honors and a Bachelor’s degree in humanities from National Law University, Gujarat, India in 2015.

With nearly a decade of experience in intellectual property rights, content and software licensing, e-commerce, privacy, surveillance, platform liability, and user free expression, Kunal has been actively involved in various litigations and initiatives focused on protecting online free speech and expression, privacy, surveillance, and trademark and copyright in South and South East Asia. He has also contributed to legal teams at Amazon and Siemens in Singapore, supporting global operations with a focus on copyright, trademarks, patents, content integrity, trust and safety, and R&D.

As a staff editor at the American Review of International Arbitration, Kunal has garnered recognition for his achievements in international and comparative law, receiving the Parker School Recognition of Achievement and Public Interest honors. He is also a recipient of Columbia University’s grant for Dialogue across Differences.