Global Freedom of Expression


10 Years of UNESCO’s Judges’ Initiative: Strengthening the Rule of Law, Freedom of Expression and the Safety of Journalists 2013 – 2023

Key Details

Congratulations to our partners at UNESCO in celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Judges’ Initiative – an innovative program that has been training judicial actors and civil society representatives on freedom of expression and its international standards. Here is our Catalina Botero Marino, speaking about the relationship and the importance of the Global Database.

Columbia Global Freedom of Expression is UNESCO’s partner in strengthening the Judges’ Initiative: the global multilingual database of freedom of expression jurisprudence – more than 2,700 case analyses in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese – guiding the audience of judicial actors. In addition, around 35,000 participants across more than 160 countries received training within the Judges’ Initiative in the last decade. UNESCO’s recently released report highlights more of the program’s milestones, including free Massive Open Online Courses and published resources and guidelines. The report is also available in French and Spanish.