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Encryption laws: Which governments place the heaviest restrictions on encryption?

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This post originally appeared on Comparitech, it has been reposted here with permission and thanks. 

The vast majority of countries have some kind of restriction on encryption technologies, whether it’s import/export laws or law enforcement access to encrypted data. Severer restrictions are noted in places one might expect them, i.e. Russia and China, but heavy restrictions are also in place across many other countries, too. And with more and more legislation and investigative powers being introduced, restrictions are only set to increase in the coming months and years.

This report examines which countries a) require encryption providers to decrypt data for law enforcement purposes, b) require encryption users to decrypt data for law enforcement purposes, c) require licenses for producing or manufacturing encryption services/products, d) have import/export limitations for cryptography services/products, and e) don’t have a “personal use exemption” for those traveling with encrypted laptops.

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