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International Press Institute highlights European defamation laws

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    National Security, Defamation / Reputation, Cyber Security / Cyber Crime

The International Press Institute’s (IPI) work on legal reform is now being hosted by the Media Laws Database. IPI is a global network of publishers, editors, and leading journalists who support press freedom. They have assembled an international database of laws on defamation, official secrets, anti-terrorism, and cybercrime.

The International Press Institute and its partners, Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) and Article 19, have been focusing on defamation laws in Europe, where they have been doing a significant amount of advocacy, research, and training.  Their website provides detailed country-by-country information on laws related to defamation, as well as a number of other resources, including, their reference and training manual and an accompanying e-learning series. The manual was used in educational seminars for lawyers and journalists that were held in four European countries. Their e-learning series is intended to make this course available at a much wider level.

Recently, the International Press Institute also published a Special Report on the application of criminal defamation laws in Europe, for which they analyzed criminal justice data from 18 EU countries.


Rob Eilbacher