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Media Law Resource Center: London Conference Papers 2022

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    Defamation / Reputation, Political Expression, Press Freedom, Privacy, Data Protection and Retention

Media Law Resource Center (MLRC) London Conference 2022 took place on September 18-21. As a platform for media law and policy discussion, the conference welcomed more than 200 lawyers and featured experts representing the judiciary, academia, and the press. The program included thematic sessions on free speech in today’s context, SLAPP reform, threats to satirists and cartoonists, media trials, social media content regulation, privacy law, its effect on investigative reporting, and the royals’ battle with the press.

The Table of Contents of the conference paper series is as follows:

  • Persistent And Emerging Threats To The Autocrat’s Bugbear: Satire And Political Cartoons Threats Prompt New Resource for Legal Guidance by Terry Anderson and Roslyn A. Mazer
  • Statement from Cartoonist Vladimir Kazanevsky
  • A Landmark Precedent: Past, Present, Future by Matthew L. Schafer
  • English Libel Law and the SPEECH Act: A Comparative Perspective by Dave Heller and Katharine Larsen
  • Countering legal intimidation and SLAPPs in the UK by UK Anti-SLAPP Coalition
  • UK Anti-Slapp Wg: Proposals For Procedural Reform Judicial Guidance, Civil Procedural Reform, and a UK Anti-SLAPP Law 
  • SLAPP Bill A private member’s bill recently introduced in Parliament
  • Comment on UK Ministry of Justice Call for Evidence on SLAPPs by Media Law Resource Center
  • Five Proposed Parameters for the Definition of a SLAPP & A Chart of SLAPP Problems and Proposed Anti-SLAPP Solutions by David S. Korzenik
  • Recommendation on Protecting Journalists and Human Rights Defenders who Engage in Public Participation from Manifestly Unfounded or Abusive Court Proceedings by European Commission
  • Too Close for Comfort – Liability of Search Engines and Online Intermediaries in Australia by Harry Melkonian
  • UK’s Crackdown on Anti-Royal Protests Makes U.S. Free Speech Look Good by Jacob Mchangama