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Global Freedom of Expression

Mohammad Almoghabat

Mohammad Almoghabat is currently the Outreach and Development Manager at HuMENA for Human Rights and Civic Engagement and doing a Ph.D. in International Constitutional Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, with a former LL.M in International and European Law from the same university and a BA in Law from Beirut Arab University. He is a National Consultant for UNDP-Lebanon and a Legal Consultant on several legal issues specifically; contract & corporate law and human resources policies, providing support on the international protection of human rights and UPR mechanism, drafting project proposals and a certified trainer on Digital Security.

He is a specialized consultant on Access to Information in a number of MENA region countries; recently published a comprehensive legal study on ATI in Lebanon for Transparency International and the Lebanese Transparency Association. He also has a number of publications in international journals including the definition of torture in international law and on the just-war theory, also another study measuring the commitment of the Lebanese government to the ATI Law with Gherbal Initiative.