Global Freedom of Expression

Mishi Choudhary

Mishi Choudhary is a technology lawyer, licensed to practice in New York and India with over a decade of experience in the area of intellectual property rights, Open Source licensing, e- commerce, privacy, surveillance, platform liability and user free expression. She has been involved in a number of court cases and other efforts around protection of online free speech and expression; privacy; surveillance and software patents in India. She is the Founding Executive Director of, India, a legal services organization based out of New Delhi that brings together lawyers, policy analysts, technologists, and students to protect freedom in the digital world. At, she focuses her work on promotion of innovation and open access to knowledge by helping developers make great Free and Open Source Software, protect privacy and civil liberties for citizens in the digital world, educate policy makers to reach informed decisions on the use and adoption of technology. She is also the Legal Director at Software Freedom Law Center, New York that provides pro-bono legal services to developers of Free, Libre, and Open Source Software. Mishi has a Masters degree in Law from Columbia University in the City of New York, a Legum Baccalaureus (LL.B.) degree with Honors and a Bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi.