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Elda Cenalia

Elda was born and raised in Kukës, Albania. She runs her own consulting practice, and her clients range from the simplest consular matters to the most complex matters involving immigration statues. She is sensitive to her clients’ issues while dedicated to aggressively advocating for their interest.

Elda has clerked twice in international business relations and law enforcement foreign affairs Department. She led twice Legal Departments in law enforcement and corporate services. She also supported YWCA, volunteering in assisting health and wellness programs to promote and protect women’s health. Prior to attending law school, she handled interpreting projects and health advocacy for many international agencies worldwide.

She got her legal degree, J.D in 2007, has worked in government and corporate legal settings ever since, and got her LLM, master’s in laws degree from Pace University School of Law in 2017. During her LLM studies, she externed in an International Trade business program.

She is currently managing a legal services department for a Corporate services company. She is a notary public from 2016 with a vast experience in the Legal field, Immigration, Corporate Law, and corporate compliance.

When not working or spending time with her family, Elda enjoys planning meaningful public interest for her community.