Global Freedom of Expression

Dario Ramirez

Mr. Ramírez holds a bachelor’s degree on International Relations and a master’s in Public International Law by the Amsterdam School of Law, completing his dissertation on Individual Compensations for Violations to International Humanitarian Law. Mr. Ramírez worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Mexico, Cuba and Central America, where he was responsible for provided support to governments regarding the protection of refugees. Mr. Ramírez also worked in Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo. After working with UNHCR, Mr. Ramírez was appointed General Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of the Interior in charge of designing public policy in accordance with international standards. Since June 2006 Mr. Ramírez is the Director of ARTICLE 19 for Mexico and Central America, his main work has focused on the documentation, monitoring and reporting cases of aggression and murder of journalist in the region. He is the author of numerous articles on freedom of expression, access to information, media and human rights. Mr.Ramirez is a columnist in W-Radio, and is a collaborator and partner at the onlinemedia Sinembargo and the weeklymagazine Emeequis.