Global Freedom of Expression

Adriana Minovic

Adriana Minovic currently works as an Internal Market Advisor in the Office for European Integration of the Republic of Serbia. Prior to that, she has worked in the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications as a Deputy Secretary for Chapter 10 – Media and Information Society, where she was responsible for organization and preparation of the Serbian delegation for screening for CH 10 and in that capacity she participated in negotiations with the EU, about Serbia’s accession to EU. Moreover, she is one of the associates of the first Serbian ICT law database where she contributes with her expert knowledge in this area. Adriana was always actively involved with civil society through cooperation with numerous NGOs dealing with the media and new technologies, such as Share Defense, Independent Journalist Association of Serbia, IREX/USAID, etc. Adriana graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and during her studies she was a member of the winning team of the Faculty of Law at the “Monroe E. Price” International Media Law Moot Court Competition, which is traditionally held at the Oxford University. She has extensive moot court experience as a participant, coach and a judge. Adriana’s academic papers were published in various academic journals and she held many lectures in the area of ICT regulation and freedom of expression on-line, especially in regard of “notice and take-down procedures”, intermediary liability and net neutrality issues.